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here is what I think, and I say this, not having seen the movie, only having read your review and watched the trailer,that said..
well... I do not think that it is a chick flick either, unless you are speaking of the very young chicks who still think that going out to get drunk and lure the boys,would be great fun, in the same way that that boys like to lure the girls at at that age, collecting trophies,and then discarding them, I was a foolish young thing myself, once upon the time, so I do recall that then it WAS fun, but now to sit through watch such a movie, this seemingly noisy and drunken film with no particular story to tell, frankly,it sounds too tedious to bear, and so I thank you very much for this review and the video of the Movies trailer made your point clear, that it is a
good movie to skip.
thank you again for the tip off.


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