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Hi Kevin,
I have just spent a pleasant hour, painstakingly
copying and pasting each of your film reviews to my e-mail account, in the hopes of being able to print them out and take them with me to Golden Gate Park, to read this afternoon, but alas,I could not
manage to copy them with out the picture,on the other hand, going through this little exercise has whetted my appetite to read them right here...though that will have to wait till tomorrow as I am now out of time.
is there a way to print them out from the Tiff Site?


Hi Kevin,

Here I am, at my desk again, happily nattering away, about your Toronto Film Festival Blog.
well, my dear,it is your own fault that I am so excited that you took the time to sit down and think about it all, and then you wrote it all out, making it both interesting and easy for the rest of us to share your film experiences.

It is especially good, for a number of us, because going to such a film festival would be out of the question because of money and time constraints, and thus to be able to enjoy the feeling of being there, on your shoulder,and perhaps looking out of your eyes, well... it is exhilarating.

and I thank you for starting it off with this list of the Twenty films that you saw, and then ranking them in your very own KEVIN manner.
You are a gem, yes, you are!


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